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Why? The Musical is a theatrical endeavour conceived and realised through a unique creative collaboration that brought together some of the best and brightest minds from around the world. 


Why? The Musical was an extraordinary, profound and multi-faceted production staged for Expo 2020 Dubai. The musical encompassed large-scale cast, production design (including sets, props and costume) projection design and sound design – creating a truly immersive experience at an unprecedented scale. 


The unique and innovative identity of the show venue – Al Wasl Plaza – drove the creative and production processes towards a common united goal, ultimately resulting in a meaningful show that was engaging, memorable and immersive for people of all cultures, enshrining a legacy of enrichment that will endure for years to come. 

Created by Shekhar Kapur and with Music by the legendary A.R. Rahman, Artists in Motion were humbled to bring this project to life from its early inception through to Finale.

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360 VIEW


Curiosity and Wisdom have propelled the human mind forward since the dawn of time. We are who we are because of our continual urge to question and seek the answers to our biggest questions. These are the catalysts for the boundless scientific, philosophic and imaginative growth that the collective human mind represents. This was an immensely brave and multi-layered subject to take on; we set ourselves the challenge of conceiving, developing and producing a musical based on that very topic.

Maryam in Why? the musical
Jid in Why? the musical

Why? The Musical follows the story of a curious young girl and a wise old man, in a dynamic performance that transports audiences on an incredible journey of discovery, from the outer reaches of the cosmos to the inner layers of the heart.

Why? The Musical perfomance shot


Why? The Musical, "we must get lost to find our way"

"We must get lost to find our way"

Produced over the course of 18 months – Why? The Musical featured a team from all corners of the earth, more than 100 dancers, musicians and performers in a 45-minute spectacle that included stunning visuals on the world's largest 360-degree projection surface.

Why? The Musical, music and dance

The renowned international composer A.R. Rahman’s music and lyrics were the bedrock of this show, transforming Why? The Musical into a truly transcendent experience. The dynamic duo of Shekhar and A.R – two stars of the filmic world – ensured the journey was filled with wonder and awe; inspiring audiences across each and every performance as part of Expo 2020 Dubai.