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AIM has advanced the level of visualisation within the world of immersive experiences to a brand new level. 

AIM has advanced the level of visualisation within the world of Immersive experiences to a brand new level. We have combined our experience and broad knowledge of theatrical design, content design, spatial design, show effect design and programming expertise into one very accurate form of visualisation. Essentially it’s the show before the show exists. It informs the creative process as well as proves the viability of the direction.


It is here now, we use it on all our projects, and it is the future of show design. It’s yet another small but very powerful step in the evolution of show creation, and a step that AIM has always highly valued. 

One of the more significant developments within our industry is the ability to visualise concepts at a higher level. It brings the understanding from clients to a much more even level with the creators. If  done well, it becomes a very useful proof of concept. 


When projects become incredibly complex, or production starts well before a venue even exists, it becomes a critical part of the process. However, this critical part of the process can become a hindrance if it is still based on guesswork or artistic expression.

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