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Dancing Water 

A Ballet of Water & Light


Dancing water a bellet of water and light


Nestled amongst Hong Kong’s enchanting skyline and poised against the backdrop of the iconic Avenue of Stars, this one-of-a-kind floating water and lighting show is a mesmerising piece of motion, light and sound. 

Commissioned by New World, Hong Kong and framed by the iconic Victoria Harbour – this brand new fountain installation in the heart of Hong Kong’s Avenue of Stars is a truly unique experience. This reimagining of a traditional fountain show combines choreographed kinetic fountains, architectural lighting, vivid content, and an immersive soundtrack to engage and mesmerise nightly audiences. 

The shows inspiration was derived from the motion of the sea, ballet, and the adoration between an artist and his muse.  

The soundtracks were created in collaboration between AIM Creative Director Richard Lindsay and Berlin Composer Christian Steinhäuser. Taking inspiration from the unique Dancing Water fountain installation, K11 Musea and the iconic harbour backdrop, the music was composed to activate the harbour and deliver an emotional connection to its audience. The music was recorded with an orchestra of 68 musicians to bring the compositions to life and creating unforgettable experience for the viewers. 

Fountain visualiser on ipad

Artists in Motion developed a brand-new and world first creative control system

To create and deliver the complex shows, Artists in Motion developed a brand-new and world first creative control system. This unique software gave the designers the ability to programme and pre-visualise all aspects of the show in the Sydney studios before the installation was completed.  

A fully photo-real representation of the installation and its surrounding environment allowed designers and client to preview the show from any viewing angle in real-time. Once completed, the software delivered control signals directly to the fountain for instant onsite adjustment. 

new world fountain show behind the scenes
NW Video

Project Highlights

new world fountain show
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