Embracing a culture as only Abu Dhabi can do, this annual 
spectacular has become as much of the culture as the culture itself. 




The UAE National Day in Abu Dhabi has appeared prominently on the AIM calendar over the past 5 years. We’ve had great pleasure immersing ourselves into Emirati culture and have great respect for the trust that has been instilled in us in order to do so. 

Each year we have collaborated with our partners to see these ambitious undertakings come to life. And each year we explore unique ways to capture the Soul of the Nation's journey through artistic expressions that emotionally connect with their people. 




In December 2019, Betty Productions took the ambitions of the annual show to a new level. The partnership between us has always been a special one, and this time around the collaboration was that much more memorable again. The 48th UAE National Day Celebration brought together an intimate story of the Nation’s unsung heroes with a beautifully transformative show that immersed an entire stadium.

While the show set was epic in every way, and certainly a technical masterpiece, the artistic approach that AIM derived was pivotal to the emotional beauty of the show. The warmth of the stories was preserved throughout the show to ensure this ambitious set still presented a deeper human view of the values that built a nation. The show was staged in the Sheikh Zayed Stadium to a live audience of 30,000 guests, and broadcast across the entire region.

2019 Highlights


2019 Gallery


Detailed pre-visualisation helped us coordinate our content with all aspects of the show.




We were thrilled to be asked by client Done & Dusted to once again contribute to the celebration of the 47th UAE National Day in 2018. This event was especially important to the people of the UAE and its leaders as it marked the 100th anniversary of the birth of Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan.

Our immense canvas was a tilted 80-metre stage with a 60m backdrop that required immersive projected content throughout the show. Rich desert landscapes, futuristic cities, ancient forts, interactive aerial acrobatics and hand drawn depictions of Zayed’s life were created for the show’s performance and to complement the onstage live orchestra, life-size puppets, camels and a cast of hundreds.


2018 Highlights


2018 Gallery




Produced by Done & Dusted, ‘A Brilliant Future’ showcases Emirati progress in science, technology, health, humanitarianism and education – proudly showcasing Emirati vision, courage and passion, while highlighting their brilliant expectations for the future. The children of the United Arab Emirates are the true stars of the show, driving the dialogue with their insatiable curiosity, excitement and understanding. Set in a landscape of limitless possibilities, they embark on a wondrous journey in search of their dreams.

The set featured a custom built 40-metre-wide LED screen, framed by vertical hanging theatrical LED screen legs on both sides of the stage, creating an expansive 3D canvas to generate perspective and draw the audience in. Computer programmable panels of scrim moved independently across stage creating depth and dimension to projection, allowing for sensational optical illusions.


2017 Highlights


2017 Gallery




AIM was brought on board by event producers Five Currents to create and produce visual content for the 44th UAE National Day ceremony celebrations in Abu Dhabi.

While the UAE love to celebrate their national day each year, 2015 marked the first time that the nation had lost soldiers in combat, deeply impacting its citizens. We were tasked with creating moving imagery across two of the three acts that was in turns solemn, respectful, hopeful and inspiring, as the hour-long show told the journey of the nation from its origins, to present day, and onward to an inspiring future.

2015 Gallery