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An extraordinary and immersive ride into the Heartland of Australia


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Operated by Village Roadshow Theme Parks, the Australian Outback Spectacular (AOS) was elevated to new heights with an extraordinary immersive content experience, conceived and produced by Artists In Motion.

As the show’s content creators, AIM played a key role in the latest production at AOS – “Heartland” – when we were approached in late 2017 by Stephen White Productions to pitch and develop a new show concept. Utilising innovative technologies and state-of-the-art filming techniques – with a team comprising some of the best and brightest minds in the industry, AIM developed an immersive content experience like no other.


AIM worked with the dedicated team at AOS to provide the audience with a unique experience, detailing an authentic Australian story that represents the genuine and hard-working farming families of Australia. Through AIM’s content, audiences are completely immersed and transported into the Australian outback landscape – detailing everything from rugged plains and rocky outcrops to stampeding cattle and the harsh effects of drought. 

AIM created sophisticated, rich and stunning visuals that engulf the arena so that every person is completely immersed in spectacular environments – making for a stunning and breathtaking experience. Through hi-tech projection mapping, the ‘big red shed’ is completely transformed as the immersive landscapes appear to spin, turn, shatter and transform – night after night.

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