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Allianz Stadium Opening Ceremony in Sydney
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An extraordinary opening spectacle for Sydney's flagship Stadium


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Allianz Stadium Opening Ceremony in Sydney opening speaker
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Commissioned by Rizer, Artists In Motion (AIM) recently created large-scale projection and LED content to celebrate the re-opening of Sydney's state-of-the-art Allianz Stadium, in August 2022.

From the outset, AIM faced considerable technical challenges in the design, animation and technical delivery of the FOP projection, screen and ribbon content for the Stadium opening.

As the stadium technology was only just installed, AIM was the first creative company to develop the pixel map, identify luminance and speed / scale challenges within the space, and ensure that the ribbons and the screens worked in cohesive harmony – always working to complement the FOP projected content.

AIM’s Director and Head of Creative, Richard Lindsay, worked closely with Show Director Nigel Jamieson to provide complete cohesion between the content and the show. This was especially evident during the segments featuring choreographed performances. Unlike many traditional show formats, AIM’s content was responsible for driving the choreography and connecting the performance to the graphics. To do this, we implemented practical design, animation, and lighting effects to connect the performers to the content.

AIM’s content was artfully designed and animated to visualise and drive the narrative elements of the show that celebrated our First Nations heritage, showcased contemporary Sydney, and celebrated our modern and global sporting heroes and tournaments. We also created the canvas for the main live acts on the night including Guy Sebastian, Baker Boy, and the Jannawi Dance Clan.

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